Next Fellow - Case study

Client Background.

Next Fellow - A platform to tackle NEET exam.

Planning to assist medical students in their journey to to qualify NEET Examination, for students who wish to study any graduate medical course in government or private medical colleges in india.

My role was to deliver the best experience to the users as i was the lead Fullstack designer.Massive collections of questions, which is categorized under Subjects, Chapters and divs has to be served appropriately, hence that was the key thing which i had to keep my focus on.

With the massive collection of questions to be delivered by the platform, it was crucial to deliver the best experience.


  1. Research.
  2. (What is the product?, What are the goals?, Who are the users?)

  3. Documentation.
  4. Collaborate & Build Relationship.
  5. (Among Users, stakeholders, developers)

  6. Establishing Key audience.
  7. (Understanding audience to provide better experience.)

  8. Building Personas.
  9. (Provides tailored experience for users.

  10. Creating Scenarios.
  11. Understands user goals and action required to achieve the same.

  12. Creating User Journies & Stories
  13. (To identify all interactions that users have with platoform.)

  14. Creating Sitemap.
  15. (Ensure contents are present in places where user expects it to be.)

  16. Competative Product Research.
  17. (Enlighten about competitor's way of handling usability. )

  18. Create early low fidelity design.
  19. (To keep everyone connected, hence avoiding surprises.)

  20. Creating Wireframe.
  21. (Provides hierarchial way view of designs. )

  22. Creating High Fidelity
  23. (Maximises aesthetics)

  24. Prototype.
  25. (Quick prototyping using invision/HTML/CSS/JS)

  26. Iterate & Testing.
  27. (User Testing, Whenever Possible.)

  28. Handover For Implementation
  29. Support for implementation.

What i was asked to do?

  • "Make it special".
  • That was the only thing our stakeholders asked me to do. They knew that their previous version lacks "That awesome feeling". But they doesnt know what it is.

    Hence, i got a wonderful oppurtunity to restructure entire platform and to add all the things that would do justice to both users as well as stake holders needs.

What did i inherit?

An whooping collection of questions that would address the whole syllabus of NEET Examination.

Whole of that was stored in SQL database, which after consulting with developers got migrated to mongoDB.


I havent dealt with doctors before, hence understanding the audience was tough challenge. Hence, i spoke with stakeholders alot, as they are surgeons as well.

I talked to many personnels from medical field along with those students who are into competitive examinations, and gave them some apps to tryout so that i can understand their thinking process and familiarity with gestures.

I spoke to:

  • Medical Students.
  • Doctors.
  • Students who are preparing for competitive exams.


  • Doctors arent much accustomed to gestures.
  • Students would love to start from the position they left in last session.
  • Students wanted tips on their learning style and how they can improve performance.
  • Everyone would love personalized experience.

UX and Design Goals.

  • Meaningful Information Architecture.
  • Personalized Experience.
  • Avoid Complication
  • Predictable, yet beautiful interaction.
  • Branding
  • Bringing Personality for platform.

Design Iteration.


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